Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Dress Fit For the Queen

Long before the speculation of Kate’s impending wedding dress and the magnificent fairytale-liked wedding gown of Diana’s, the world awed at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress and her coronation gown. Thanks to the first knighted couturier, Sir Norman Hartnell, fashion sense of the Royal Family took a major turned into the spotlight with his well embellished creations. Helmed as the fashion designer who launches England’s couture business to rival that of French, his designs spoke to many younger designers who took inspiration in delivering their masterpieces. This includes Christian Dior’s New Look collection which was set to emblaze the fashion world.

Originating from Cambridge where he had his first pool of socialite (and their mothers) to dress, Sir Norman Hartnell came into the Royal houses when he was commissioned to dress Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott, who was about to marry the King's youngest son, the Duke of Gloucester
and her bridesmaid, the soon to be Queen of England, Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret. Starting from the Queen Mother taking him to dress the Royal Family for their state visits, Sir Norman Hartnell became a household name for the rich and famous, where during his career he had the chance of dressing the uber famous starlets; Marlene Dietrich, Merle Oberon and Elizabeth Taylor.

Restrained by his strict clientele’s dresscode and the evolving world of fashion, Sir Norman Hartnell died a modest person living behind a tremendous legacy for younger generation’s imitable thoughts.


Salle Sulieman said...

siapalah agaknya pereka gown pengantin u?

NKLi GKaR said...

pakai jubah jah!