Friday, April 29, 2011

Rio (de janeiro) in TGV KLCC

Since animated movies re-polished into cash cows, it seems that all production houses fight for the small pool of attraction, the kids, the parents and the adult who always felt kid-liked at heart. The latest of this genre is Rio. Due to the bad past experience Blu, the last blue macaw of its kind, can’t even do what normal birds do i.e fly. Through fate, Blu met Jewel and yada2 he gained back (expectedly enough) his animal instincts and could fly-off like all macarel can.

Frankly, I’m not into animated movies, especially with talking animals in it. It’s a fun watch and a delicious past time to delve in. I saw people laughing and most of its targeted audience enjoyed the movie through- out. So, I believe that the movie is a good one and a fun experience to share.

What I’m more incline to visit, in the movie’s storyline, is two-fold.

First, can we, under different circumstances, loose our own identity and capability and can then thrust back to our normal selves if we return to normalcy? This begs the question of we, being humans, do we have other strength and abilities which we are actually capable of, but not explored, due to our surrounding?

And second, can we really go to the extra mile, just for our love and do things we are sure, all this while, we are not capable of?

According to Rio, both answers are a resounding yes!

There is always this notion that love cures all and solves all. So, more lovers ppl, less haters!

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