Tuesday, April 26, 2011


People often said that nothing is free these days, but they often forget that LOVE is. True love la kan!

This morning on the radio I heard a story. A boy ran from home after quarrelling with his mother and left to wonder. Being so hungry and with no money in his pocket, he came across a café and was caught by the owner staring at the food on display. The owner took pity and fed the boy. Crying, he said ‘You are a good man, though you did not know me, you are most ready to give me a plate of a hot meal. Unlike my mother who scolded me and chase me out to the streets with nothing!’. Shocked, the café owner replied, ‘You thanked me even only when I did was supply you with a single meal. But your mother had done much more by feeding you from you being a little baby and now a grown up teenager!’. Realizing he had done a wrong thing running away, he went back home where his mother, worried, was looking all over for him. ‘Come my son, let’s have something to eat. I’ve been searching for you so long and I hadn’t had anything yet to eat. I can’t eat with you not around…’ said the mother hugging his son who’d return to her. The boy cried more and more, hearing this.

Indeed, sometime, we look too much on a price of a help extended from a stranger than value the free love and affection given by someone we know all along.

So, forget about the price tag and let’s dance to this rendition of Jessie J’s Pricetag!

It's not about the money, money, money...

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